Reflection and Anticipation

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2010 was unmistakably the busiest year of my life. I worked for three different companies, I was laid off, we purchased our first house, and we found out we’re having our first baby. I also bought my first Mac, joined a Mars Hill community group, and vacationed in Hawaii, but these seem insignificant compared to the crazy year I had. I recently found a draft I had written in May (just to summarize the first four months of the year) and it was several pages in length.

How did I fare when it comes to achieving my goals for 2010? I wasted the same amount of time, played the same amount of music (next to none), blogged the same (minimal), and exercised the same (none). I’m mid-process in backing up my media and documents. I’m slightly better at responding to emails and phone calls. I didn’t relaunch Rain Cloud Development, and I didn’t try very many new things. Overall, I failed miserably when it comes to my 2010 resolutions, but I think I had a successful year.

2011 doesn’t look to be any more relaxed. Our little girl (Jadyn) should be here in a matter of weeks, I finish graduate school in June, and who knows what doors that might open.

So, what about resolutions for 2011? Apparently, I tried to take on too much last year, so my resolutions will be much more modest. Studies have shown that publicly announcing such things reduces the likelihood that you’ll follow through, but I’ve never been one to pay much attention to such studies. Another significant event of 2010 was my first visit to a doctor in nearly seven years. They found some minor problems with my liver, so my only real goals this year are to eat healthy, exercise, and be a better husband. I’m not committing to writing more, playing more music, or swimming across the Puget Sound. I won’t work against those things (except the latter), but I think it’s safer to focus on a few small goals at a time. Maybe I’ll actually post more than ten times in 2012, but probably not 2011.