Look Who Was (Nearly) Wrong

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Someone has probably called this out before, but I was browsing through the Daring Fireball archive and found a tasty bit of claim chowder regarding the likelihood of Apple adding Exchange support to the iPhone.

Odds of Apple doing this: nearly zero. The pressure isn’t going to be on Apple to license proprietary technology from RIM or Microsoft. The pressure is going to be on IT departments to support open standards like IMAP, which the iPhone supports.

At least he said, “nearly.”

Introducing: Spasm

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Spasm is a super-primitive asynchronous state machine for Node.js. While working on another yet-to-be-announced open-source project, I was looking for a way to manage logic for a CLI. For whatever reason, I thought using a state machine might be an interesting approach. I created the module in a single Seattle-to-Kent train commute and spent the following commute packing it up as a proper npm module. It’s a whopping 37 lines of code (plus 214 for tests).

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