I’ve contributed to a number of open-source projects during my career, but you can follow me on GitHub for the latest.


Spasm is a super-primitive asynchronous state machine for Node.js. While working on another yet-to-be-announced open-source project, I was looking for a way to manage logic for a CLI. For whatever reason, I thought using a state machine might be an interesting approach. It’s a whopping 37 lines of code (plus 214 for tests).


I was the original contributor to the node-aws project — a Node.js client for a number of Amazon Web Services. I transitioned the project to exfm around the time AWS launched their very own AWS SDK for Node.js.

Zend Framework

I started using and contributing to the Zend Framework around version 0.7. I reported and fixed a number of bugs and added a few new features as well, but I haven’t been involved in a few years.