Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

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A little late, and not in any particular order…

Waste Less Time

I spend way too much time skimming RSS feeds, tweets, and useless news articles. In 2010, I will waste less time.

Play More Music

My wonderful wife talked me into buying a Yamaha MO8 last year, and I haven’t played it in more than two months. In 2010, I will play music at least one hour per week.

Read More

I can’t remember the last time I read a dead-tree book from cover to cover. I have also been lax about reading my Bible on a regular basis. In 2010, I will read five dead-tree books from cover to cover (including the Bible).

Blog More

Year after year, I seem to leave this sad little website to collect dust. In 2010, I will post at least twice per month.

Tweet More

Since we’ve moved to Bellevue, I have less contact with friends and family, so Twitter (and Facebook) are how most people know what I’m up to. In 2010, I will tweet more.


Except for my twenty-five minute walk to and/or from work, I don’t exercise at all. My wife and I recently got memberships at LA Fitness. In 2010, I will exercise… more.

Backup Data Regularly

My wife’s hard drive crashed last year, and we nearly lost all of our digital photos. In 2010, I will backup data regularly to a local and remote location.

Respond to Emails and Voice Messages

I’m really bad about responding to emails and voice messages. In 2010, I will reply to emails and voice messages within forty-eight hours.

Relaunch Rain Cloud Development

I renamed Sanctus Studios to Rain Cloud Development last year. In 2010, I will design a logo and website and publish a website for Rain Cloud Development.

Try New Things

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried all sort of new foods (Korean, Dim sum, muffulettas), and I’ve loved it! In 2010, I will try new foods and activities.

Feel free to pester me and make sure I’m working on all of these throughout the year.