Re: In a Perfect World

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Every January, one of my tasks is to update my resume. Since my resume is hosted on this website, I decided to take a look at what else might be collecting dust around here. It’s strange to me that I spend most of my waking hours attached to an Internet-connected device, yet it’s been more than six months since I’ve written anything.

I looked through my first In a Perfect World… musing and decided to write a sort of response…

Life would involve less work and more play.

Sadly, I fear this to be true for quite some time. I’ve decided to go for a Master’s degree after I graduate this June.

Public education would have more value than a piece of paper at completion.

Thanks to some of the wonderful faculty at UWT, my education is beginning to become more valuable to me. I’m enrolled in a Human-Computer Interaction course that is focusing on user research-driven design. The class is actually being co-taught by the lead of the Gmail design team.

Adobe would release Photoshop CS4 for GNU/Linux (and I’d have the time and knowledge to use it).

This hasn’t quite come true, but for some crazy reason, Google put some effort into the WINE project, and now Photoshop CS2 runs nearly perfectly for me in Ubuntu. The problem is that I still need the time and talent to use it.

This wouldn’t be the first thing I’ve written for the ’net in the last several years.

It wasn’t “several years” this time, but more than six months between musings is nothing to brag about.

I wouldn’t be coming up with more items to add to this list just to avoid finishing a school project.

Once again, the only reason I’m probably writing is putting off finishing a school project. I’m giving an elevator pitch in my HCI course tomorrow.